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Mind Reading is one of the psychological traps that we get ourselves into. This is when you think you know what other people are thinking.

Example 1:
Your boss gives you another project to manage. You think your boss thinks you are skiving at home while working from home.

Example 2:
A lady you met for a date didn’t return your text message after a date. You think she must find you disgusting and is too polite to tell you in your face.

Example 3:
Someone yawned while you were talking. You think this person finds you boring.

Why this is unhealthy for us?
– we may end up trapping ourselves in our own beliefs
– we begin to then act in a way that fits the way we think (e.g., avoiding talking to a first date) leading to the eventual outcome we dread (i.e., self-fulfilling prophecy)
– fun fact: most (if not all) socially anxious individuals are prone to mind reading.

So you want to be more confident? Catch your mind-reading thoughts! They are so not sexy.