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Self-Discovery Retreat 2022

Self-Discovery Retreat 2022 A four-hour retreat where you are guided by our psychologist and career coach to reflect on 2022 so that you are ready to open your doors for 2023 with intention and direction. About This Retreat It all began in 2016 when we started...

#5 Psychological Trap: Mind-Reading

Mind Reading is one of the psychological traps that we get ourselves into. This is when you think you know what other people are thinking. Example 1:Your boss gives you another project to manage. You think your boss thinks you are skiving at home while working from...

#4 Psychological Trap: All-Or-Nothing

All-or-nothing thinking is when you look at things in extremes. Everything is either going perfectly okay or a total disaster. Also known as black-or-white thinking, such thinking errors don’t allow for anything in between. How to overcome such thinking pattern?...